"ECl: From A to Z” aims to contribute to the development of EU-related hard competences and soft skills in higher education systems. Formal curricula provide higher education students with the basic framework and a toolbox to develop their professional activities, but in general the need to promote civic engagement and voluntary participation in several spheres of public life is not taken into account. The core purpose of the project is to experiment new methods and tools for learning processes that are to be applied in a collaborative and practical way (learning by doing) in which students co-construct create and launch their own European Citizens’ initiative.

The participants in the project will be, in each year, 60 higher education students (undergraduate or master students) from four European countries (Portugal, Romania Germany and Spain). These students will be involved in several learning, coaching and training activities that will promote their abilities and interest to become active citizens and to participate fully in the construction of the European project.


ECI documents & agenda

Time Line 2022

ECI Activities for the year 2022

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Guide on Students’ Participation and Engagement in the Project

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ECI Activities for the year 2021

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