This is a  pedagogic escape game based on point and click mechanics with puzzles and interactions. This game should be played in full screen and with the sound activated. Pay close attention to the dialogues and you may use all devices that help you escape!

Credits of the Game:

“ECI from A to Z” is a project of the University of Coimbra coordinated by Dulce Lopes and co-financed by the European Union (Erasmus+ program).

Eurilhas is a project co-coordinated by Isabel Maria Freitas Valente and Miguel Estanqueiro Rocha and sponsored by the Regional Government of Azores. Trance version of the EU Hymn by Florian Müller and Romani Variations by Hymn Yorgui Loeffler with the authorization of the Council of Europe.

Game concept by Alexandra Aragão
Game design by Nuno Beirão